Welcome to the website of Maclay Drug Rehabilitation Center. Located in Portland Oregon, our blog is here to inform people how drugs are bad for them and how destructive drug abuse and addiction can be. We are dealing with all sorts of drug rehabilitation programs. We want to help people.



Our Clients

The Maclay Rehabilitation Program provides a highly structured residential setting with Treatment and services for male adults ages 18 through 64.

Our Staff

As part of our team, staff members assist in all facility activities when on duty. They serve as the backbone of our treatment center, helping our clients in all areas of recovery.

Our Certified Counselors

Our counselors provide much-needed support and guidance to our clients here at the Maclay Rehabilitation Center. They organize and facilitate multiple individuals, group, and family sessions throughout the day.

Our sponsors

Many individuals and medical institutions believe in us and they support our cause. Our professional staff has been deemed appropriate to call for by numerous medical doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists who need our advice when it comes to drug treatment.

Why Choose Us

We strongly believe we are the best only because we’re well aware of how drugs can ruin a person and their lives. That’s why we are prepared to do whatever it takes to save each and every life we can. Put your trust in us and we will help out. If we are unable to help your specific situation we can also recommend other treatment facilities near Oregon such as Ridgefield Recovery


This blog is dedicated to the bad impact of drugs, the terrible consequences of drug abuse and the difficulties and benefits of rehabilitation. Every start is hard in the beginning. We’ll help the rehabs to learn how to walk again and assimilate back into the society they were ripped from.