Maclay House was established in 1978, over 29 years ago, on Maclay Street in Sylmar, California. During the 1980’s Maclay House moved to 13770 Sayre Street Sylmar California, where it resides today. In 2000 Maclay Rehabilitation Corporation Inc. (MRC) was established and the facilities behavioral model was reconstructed to an ADPA Licensed, Certified Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facility providing Residential Substance Abuse Treatment services to San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County. Presently Maclay Rehabilitation Corporation’s client base in Parolees, CCCMS and EOP’s from California Department of Corrections Region III Parole office. Over the last 15 years Maclay Rehabilitation Corporation has obtained the following; 1992 Vendor for Affairs, 2002 licensed and Certified California Alcohol and Drug Program, 2004 Vendor for Department of Corrections, 1998 Vendor for Department of Veterans Affairs, 2002 licensed and Certified California Alcohol and Drug Program, 2004 Vendor for Department of Public Social Services, 2004 Vendor for California Youth Authority.

Maclay Rehabilitation Corporation Has developed a cognitive-behavioural treatment program which is eclectic and provides strong foundations in the self-help model and psychoeducational treatment community. We fully acknowledge our responsibility to implement effective treatment principals. Our continued cooperation with all criminal referring agencies has been quite positive. Substance abuse services include transport to and from Parole, POC, Tech School, Court appearances, and Conditional release from County Jail. Other services rendered are Day Treatment, Intake/Assessment and Evaluation, Medical Assessment and Mental Health Referrals, Individual and Group Educational Assessment and Counseling, Legal Assistance Referrals, Random Drug Testing, On-Going Treatment Outcome Measures (ASI), Dietary Assessment and Meal Planning for Nutritionally Balanced Meals, Assistance in Tobacco and Caffeine Cessation, Alcohol and Drug Education, Religious Attendance Transportation, Continuing Care Services and Follow-Ups.

Maclay Can Help In Your Recovery

Maclay Rehabilitation Center is a state licensed program and certified corporation.We are located in Sylmar, Californian and operate as a Men’s Alcohol and Drug Residential Treatment Center.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide the highest possible quality recovery and educational counselling for the chemically dependent. We provide a safe place for men from drugs and alcohol in a stable and caring facility regardless of background, race, education, religion, or Legal status. Our program offers intensive counselling to help the clients create a positive change in their lifestyles so as to become productive members of society.

We are completely aware of the sacrifice the one has to make in order to get back into society and their lives but that is exactly why it is so important that they do everything within their power to make a change and turn the page towards a new beginning.