How drugs affect your brain

The drug is nothing more than a chemical and once it is consumed, it sets chemical reactions in the brain that causes a drug abuser to feel the effects. It happens because drugs interrupt the normal way how nerve cells process, receive and send information. They tend to stimulate the neurotransmitters or rather overstimulate them. Neurotransmitters are usually produced in the brain and the drugs activate them by sending abnormal impulses.

That is what causes a person to feel high. Feeling high is a distorted vision of reality where an addict does not feel the weight of the world on their shoulders but rather they feel absolutely great about themselves and they are usually happy or even overjoyed to the point that they are unrealistic and euphoric. In some cases, they can be so drugged that they tend to be delirious.

Feeling high is a distorted vision

Over-stimulation and neurotransmitters

Strong drugs like heroin and cocaine stimulate the nerve cells to release intensely large amounts of chemicals which causes the drug addicts to feel great once they take a fix. It is exactly that feeling that makes them take more and more until they don’t know how much is enough anymore.

Almost every drug out there floods your neural system with dopamine. This neurotransmitter affects your feelings, especially pleasure feelings, motivation, emotion and movement control.

The more a person takes drugs, the more the brain gets used to it and loses touch with natural behavior. The neurotransmitters memorizes the effects of the euphoria caused by drugs and then sends a message to your  brain that makes an addict to take another dose.

abuse drugs

This repetitive behavioral pattern is what is causing people to abuse drugs up to a point that their drug abuse becomes an addiction. From that moment on, they can’t function normally until they set the trigger that will ease the brain’s need for drug stimulation.

The worst thing is that the more they take drugs, the less they feel good because of it. The abuse of the substance makes them need more to get that effect they need to feel so bad but they never get it. That is why they take more and more until they are so hooked that the only thing they think about is taking drugs. This is where things get really bad. The immune system starts to fail and even the slightest cough can cause serious damage to the body. The heroin users have different problems.

Since those who are in a serious stage of drug abuse need to take their daily doses intravenously, they usually end up being HIV positive without them even knowing. If they are in some kind of a relationship with another drug abuser, they can spread the disease, causing more damage. Drug abusers tend to share their drug kits and needles which also causes the spreading of HIV. These people are not even aware how deep down they are until there is no more way to effectively help them.