The 3 Most Important Things to Do After Rehab

One out of seven Americans fall prey to some kind of addiction The reasons why vary. Addictions are diverse in nature. Some abuse food and become obese or gamble to the point where they’re deep in debt. The subsequent explanations for why so many end up in rehab are complex. Drug addiction is one of the most common. Alcohol usage can become a compulsion that leads towards personal catastrophe as well. Those who become addicts can be helped to recover, but recovery is not a magic trick that happens with a wave of a wand. It’s a process. There are ways to successfully transcend an addiction, fortunately. The following are three things to avoid after rehab so that you don’t slip backwards.

Discover new healthy sources of pleasure

Starting a new life free of an addiction can be too heavily focused on avoiding people and places that can cause a relapse. Staying clear of former hangouts and friends who are a negative influence is key, but creating new healthy pastimes in which you can stay stimulated is just as important. You’re bound to get bored and fall into old destructive habits if you don’t replace them with stimulating new activities that aren’t bad for your mental or physical health,. Becoming active in sports can be a positive outlet in as much as it emphasizes staying fit. Joining some kind of spiritual organization is another direction that can lead towards deeper awareness of yourself. It can also provide a meaningful support system.


Enrolling in an adult learning program at a community college or a higher level of education can build your intellectual and professional potential. Many who abuse substances have low self-esteem, so substances and destructive habits become a crutch for them. Setting a difficult goal for yourself such as mastering a trade or new language can provide you with a fresh view of the yourself. Achieving a goal that requires dedication and focus can build mental and emotional strength.

Receive regular counseling

Stay connected to an organization or therapist who can keep you on a successful track. Rehab is a constant aspiration. It’s best not to ever consider yourself finished. Group meetings with others also struggling at times not to slip backwards can be useful. Addiction isn’t always simply a matter of avoiding social settings that are triggers. They’re a way of coping with insecurities and trauma from an early part of your life that don’t ever go away but can be managed with the help of someone with the training to be effective at helping you control them.